Product Design

Facebook Enterprise Design

Although I'm quite busy designing at Facebook, all of my work is for internal use and therefore cannot be shown online. Instead, here is a summary of some of the highlights that I've worked on while at Facebook.

Facebook work is redacted for legal reasons

2018 - 2020

Enterprise Design Team

The Enterprise Design Team creates products for Facebook employees to engage with programs and services from HR, Finance, IT, and more. Facebook Enterprise Products help all employees navigate through their entire experience as a Facebook employee.

When I joined Facebook in 2018, I redesigned a legacy software product that Facebook managers/org leaders use to manage their teams and headcount. In over 2 years of working on this product, I redesigned every part of the experience to be a streamlined self-service interface for complete team and headcount management. Then in 2019, I designed the MVP of a new Career Growth Hub product for Facebook employees to map out their career growth at the company and find resources to help them achieve their goals.

2020 - Present

Privacy Design Team

The Privacy Design team creates product experiences for both end users on all of our platforms as well as for Facebook employees to help scale privacy programs across the company. Since joining the Privacy team in early 2020, I have designed several 0 to 1 software products for things like Privacy Incident Management (legal and policy software), End User Notification (communications logistics software), Regulatory Commitment Management (legal and privacy program software), and more.