Tile helps you find important things...

...like your keys, your bag, or your next great designer! I never go anywhere without Tiles attached to all of my valuables. If I lose them, the Tile App helps me find them quickly and easily.

I gave you a Tile today because Tile represents why I love design: it's a piece of designed technology that integrates with your physical world to improve experiences that we all inevitably go through. Because of a team of talented designers, we now have this great tool that makes our lives a little bit easier.

It's free and easy to set up your custom branded Tile...

Simply put your tile on or in anything valuable that you don't want to lose. Then, visit the Tile App website to download the free app to your smartphone. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to pair your new branded Tile with the app and you're done! If you ever lose anything attached to your Tile, mark it as lost in the app and it will help you find it again.

Download the Tile App

Think of me the next time you need a great designer!

When I design, I’m inspired by products like Tile, and I work toward simplifying a user’s experience of a product or interface – and most importantly, delighting them with my work!

When design is done well, it enhances a person’s day to day life and makes tasks easier for them. Whether it’s a website, a mobile app, or a printed piece, this philosophy applies to all¬†kinds of design.