About the project

WiO is a fitness app concept that allows users to build a team of total body wellness professionals by letting them choose from personal trainers, nutritionists, yoga teachers, and massage therapists with flexible package options that allows them to see each of these professionals regularly for an affordable rate. The app also lets professionals on a team communicate with each other so they can tailor their plans based on what the other team members are doing.

Logo Development

WiO stands for Work it Out. I developed the logo using the concept of a map marker pin, since the app provides location-based real world meet up services, and allows clients the opportunity to meet up in whatever space is convenient for them. I used colors and typography that feels energetic and cosmopolitan.

Usability Research

The main part of my usability research was rooted in the onboarding experience, where I sketched and drafted a few versions of guided and unguided setup systems. After designing LoFi comps of both, I conducted live usability studies with 15 test subjects and determined a course of action for designing a guided setup approach.

iOS App Design

The guided setup holds the user's hand while they share their fitness goals, choose a package, trainers, and pair their wearable devices. Motion design and layout makes the onboarding setup system seem to go faster by using nested frames and gesture-based navigation.


The dashboard tools allows users to store data from their wearable devices and information from their training professionals in one easy place. Taking this approach makes integrating various information points fast and easy.