About the project

Senna is an iOS concept that I designed based on my senior design thesis "Think BIG: How designers can apply Human Centered Design methodology to tackle the world’s biggest problems". Senna explores how technology can influence positive systemic change by removing barriers and creating equity among diverse groups of people.

Senna is an iOS app concept that would work with a peripheral finger prick plug-in device and allows users to test themselves for HIV whenever they need to from the privacy of their home. If developed, this technology has the potential to increase the number of people that consistently get tested for HIV and to direct people with HIV to seek treatment as a means of future transmission prevention.

Logo Development

I named the app Senna after the Coffee Senna flower used in natural medicine that promotes immune system health. The logo is a simplified representation of the five petal flower. I used curvilinear forms and type along with a calming color palette in order to invoke feelings of calm, sureness, and wellness. The idea is to move away from a clinical and hard feeling.

Usability Research

Before app design started, I conducted initial usability research interviews and surveys to determine the essential functionality of the app and how to design key user flows.

I surveyed 120 people who belong to the target demographic and conducted 30 live interviews about potential users' current testing habits, how they interact with health apps, and reactions to at-home testing processes.

iOS App Design

I designed the app in a way that hand holds the user through processes that have the potential to be long, complicated, and boring in order to incentive people to complete the signup and testing processes successfully in a way that makes it feel fast and effortless.

The four main processes that I designed and tested are: New User Onboarding, Taking a New HIV Test (Instructions), Results if Test Negative, and Results if Test Positive. After the designs were in place, I conducted over 40 live usability tests and carried out five rounds of rapid iteration.

New User Onboarding

The new user onboarding process guides a new user through a series of steps that collects their personal and medical information in order to be able to assess how often the user needs to be tested and how to provide medically-accurate post-test counseling.

Taking a Test

Since taking an HIV test with Senna requires the use of a peripheral device, the app prompts users with a series of animated instructions about how to properly use the device and what to expect.