About the project

The Planned Parenthood 2013 Annual Report to the Community is a print- and web-based report of all the highlights that occurred in 2013, as well as a report of the organization’s revenue and expenses for 2013. The target audiences for the annual report are supporters of the organization, staff, and financial donors.

The report was designed with the theme of “Building The Future”, and highlights how Planned Parenthood is using their clinical services, peer education programs, and political advocacy programs to influence the local communities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

A Report for All Devices

The digital version of the annual report is built with all devices in mind. The report scales to any screen width while the layout and content changes based on device type. Because data is presented primarily through charts, these elements scale to accommodate the way people use different devices. The way people interact with the report also changes based on device: content responds to clicking as well as touch/swipe gestures.

Interactive Data

Since communicating statistics and financial information is one of the most important functions of the annual report, it is important to make numbers and charts seem more engaging and interesting. To accomplish this, all charts and data sets are accompanied by interactive sections that explain the data and connect the numbers to the impact.

A Visual Impact

Each section begins with an impactful full bleed photograph that best encapsulates the important work of each featured department: Clinical Services, Education, and Advocacy.

All photography was produced in-house and highlights the organization’s supporters, patients, and teen council members. It is important to not only talk about the organization’s work and results, but also to give users a glimpse into what Planned Parenthood does every day.

A Personal Touch

Each section concludes with real stories patients, supporters, and teen council members. These stories illustrate just how important Planned Parenthood services and programs are. They are also essential in helping users bridge the gap between outcome statistics and real world impact. By keeping the annual report as people-focused as possible, supporters are reminded of why Planned Parenthood continues to fight for reproductive rights.