About the project

Planned Parenthood launched this multimedia advertising campaign in 2015 in Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, and Washington State, with media expansions in other affiliates around the country. This ad campaign included Out Of Home (OOH) advertising (billboards, bus exteriors and interiors, and posters) along with digital banner ads and landing pages.

I photographed all of the custom lifestyle photography, and worked with the Brand & Marketing Associate to create and iterate the tagline, graphic design, layout options, and execution of the campaign.

Everybody Deserves...

The tagline "EveryBODY Deserves..." is a play on words to reference both inclusion as well as healthcare services, and was conceived with the intention to relate to a broader social justice social media campaign.

Lifestyle Photography

All of the lifestyle photography used in the advertising campaign was shot with the intention to mimic the feel of an Instagram photo in order to give it a more personal edge. Some of the photos are shot "selfie style" with the subject's arm outreached in order to recreate what an Instagram selfie would look like.

Digital Banner Ads

The campaign includes digital banner ads (multi-frame GIF ads and static ads), as well as Pandora radio ads with accompanying graphic banner.

Landing Page Website Design

All digital banner ads and social media ads click through to the campaign landing page below, which advertises various healthcare services, and includes an interactive Online Appointment Schedule module.