About the project

Kurt Farm Shop is a gem of a store tucked into the Chophouse Row building on Capitol Hill in Seattle. The Farm Shop is primarily about ice cream but they also sell cheeses from Kurtwood Farms (located in Vashon Island, WA) and other local creameries. Although Kurtwood Farms has a logo and website, Kurt Farm Shop has no visual identity system.

My intention was to design a logo, website, marketing material, and packaging that is related to Kurtwood Farms’ rustic artisan branding, but also speaks to the urban and contemporary feel of Capitol Hill.

Logo Development

I started by working on the logo. I sketched over one hundred logo options, narrowed it down to a few favorites, and then produced dozens of digital iterations until I settled on this version. It can be displayed in a rustic color, in black, or in white knockout format.

Business Cabinet

Once the logo was complete, I developed a standard business cabinet with business cards, stationery, and envelopes. I used the cow in the logo as a watermark, and also as an address container on the envelope.

Brochure Design

Since the shop changes out their products periodically, I designed a menu brochure to have available on the counter for customers to take home. It features full-bleed photography and tiled design.

Responsive Website Design

The responsive website is designed to display the shop's beautiful full-bleed photography, product photos, and background information. The look and feel is meant to mirror the rustic yet contemporary vibe of the Capitol Hill shop.

Packaging Design

The takeaway packaging design is inspired by cow brands used on ranches and farms, and mimics the look of the names of various cheeses being branded onto wood. The takeaway package is designed to protect soft cheeses and products in transit.

Tote Bag Design

The tote bag design is meant to mirror the design of the takeaway packaging, and is a great durable addition to the packaging options.